First Saturday Book Sales at the Library

First Saturday Book Sale

Beginning in 2008, a small group of volunteers, under the auspices of the Friends, began what is now called the “First Saturday Book Sale”. This event, with rare exception, is held the first Saturday of each month from 10am until 4pm in the arcade at the front of the library. Starting in April 2016, the Friends board begins active management of the Book Sale.

Sale books are almost exclusively donations made by library patrons. Book donations are made to the library throughout the month and processed by volunteers for resale. This includes evaluating the books, cleaning the books, and sorting them into various general categories (history/biography, cooking, etc.) The library also receives donations of music CDs, DVDs, and audio books. The book sale has raised over $55,000 for the library book fund.  We hope to be able to increase the amount raised annually.

Donations often include old and rare books, sets of books, special production art books, specially bound volumes, and many other unusual books that are evaluated and specially priced.

Adult Books

    Hardbacks: $2
    Trade Paperbacks: $1
    Mass Paperbacks:  $.50

Children Books

    Hardbacks: $1
    Paperbacks: $.25

DVDs: $3

Audiobooks: $3

Music CDs: $.50

Specially Priced Books -- as priced

Donating books:

If you would like to donate books, you may make your donation at the circulation desk at the front of the library. Donated books need to be resalable (very dirty, discolored, mildewed, damaged or detached covers, old text books, old computer books, etc. are not suitable for resale). Please don’t donate books that you wouldn’t consider buying yourself.

Volunteering to help:

Before each book sale, volunteers must move an enormous number of books from storage locations in the library, set up tables for display, and more or less set up a “book store” in the library arcade. This needs to be done before the library opens for business in order to minimize impact on operation of the library. Likewise, at the end of the sale, unsold items must be returned to storage locations for use during future sales. Everything must be returned to storage before the library closes for the day. This is a lot of work and additional volunteers are always appreciated. We can also use volunteers during sale hours to help with purchases and keep an eye out on the inventory. If you can contribute 2 or more hours once a month to help with the Book Sale, please contact Friends' board member and volunteer coordinator Peggy Hansen, email: