Built for Books Juried Art Exhibit

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Built for Books, a four-month celebration of libraries, learning and philanthropy, honoring the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Pacific Grove Public Library in 1908, includes a juried art exhibit providing multi-dimensional, unique visions of creativity inspired by books and words. See the exhibit at the Library from April 6 though July 6, 2018.

Pacific Grove Public Library
550 Central Avenue
Pacific Grove

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About the Artists

Brandin Barón - Poe's Beatrice, Momento Mori
Brandin Barón - Madame Merle
Brandin Barón - Towering in her place of pride (Macbeth)


Brandin Barón - The Raven Himself is Hoarse
Susan Berteaux - Fish Book
Syd Dunton - YET TO READ


Joeann Edmonds-Matthew - RESEARCH
Barbara Furbush - FaceBooK: Mythic Women
David Gregory - Paris Bookstall


Donna Gross - The Butterfly Garden
Felisa Ihly - A Peaceful Read - Mission San Juan Bautista
Helen MacKinlay - Seal Dream


Ann Nall - The Forever Gift
Brad Neal - Reading Next To The Tower
Wilda Northrop - Quest For the Green Thumb


Catie O'Leary - Confessions of a Ship and Altered Dictionary
Catie O'Leary - Confessions of a Ship-part 2
Catie O'Leary - Confessions in a ship part 3 - Altered Dictionary


Sandie Srigley - Anne van Hadden Reading to Monte
Cherie Stock - The Comfort of Books
Sandie Srigley - Lookin for Bookworms