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Since 2013, the Friends has guaranteed the Library an annual contribution of at least $35,000 for books and materials and $5,000 for children's programming.


The first Saturday in November is November 4, so it must be time for the FRIENDS FIRST SATURDAY BOOK SALE.  Visit the Pacific Grove Library arcade between 10am and 4pm to find wonderful buys in books, puzzles and CDS.

If you're a member of the Friends, you get a nice discount.

In honor of Veteran's Day, this First Saturday Book Sale will feature books focusing on the military.  Active members of the military may make purchases at a 50% discount


Our Mission

The Friends of the Pacific Grove Public Library help ensure that our library is a thriving community center for discovery and lifelong learning.

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News From the PG Library Friends

Met the Author -- Timothy and Laura Orr

Laura Kleiss, the daughter of Dusty Kleiss, was thrilled to introduce the authors of 'Never Call me a Here', Timothy and Laura Orr, because it gave her a chance to honor her father, Dusty Kleiss, the subject of the Orr's book.   The discussion focused on the special character of research on military history.  Attendees had another chance to eat some of the cake celebrating the publication of 'Life in Pacific Grove'.

Met the Author - Erin McGraw

The author of six books of fiction, Erin McGraw now explores the power of the short, very short, story.  On September 9 at the Pacific Grove Library, she schooled a rapt audience on its creation. Dr. McGraw, a former Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, said novel writing is painful until about 100 pages are written and the foundation is established.  But she finds writing the last page of a short story to be its most difficult part.  McGraw exemplified her points with...

We're in the news!
Scott Bauer

Monterey Herald, August 9, 2017, article by Carly Mayberry.
"Pacific Grove Gears Up for $1 Million Library Renewal With New Director Hiring"

As Pacific Grove prepares to get underway on its ambitious library building and renewal project, city and library officials are also readying themselves to welcome the newcomer who will be overseeing the $1 million project. Scott Bauer, who will serve as the Deputy Director at the Marin County Free Library until Friday, is set to begin as the Pacific Grove Library’s new director on Aug. 21. In his new role, Bauer will facilitate library...

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