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10/2 reception
10/2 reception
10/2 reception
10/2 reception
10/2 reception
Stephen Palumbi Author Event
Juan Sanchez
Read-A-Thon Participants
Celebrating Forty Years!
Friends at Nonprofit of the Year Dinner
Audience for Peter Fischer
Brad Herzog, April 17
Reception for Life Members and Benefactors
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Anne Perry
Period Costume at Anne Perry Event
Bookworks at the Anne Perry Event
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In 2013, the Friends gave over $35,000 for books, including e-books, and materials.  

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The Friends of the Pacific Grove Public Library help ensure that our library is a thriving community center for discovery and lifelong learning.

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News From the PG Library Friends

Met the Author - Vanessa Diffenbaugh - May 26

Diffenbaugh Brings her Passion to PG Library

Author Vanessa Diffenbaugh drew a crowd of 90 to the Pacific Grove Library on May 26 -- and she held them spellbound for an hour, discussing her two books of fiction and her upcoming non-fiction book about education.

Diffenbaugh's  first book, The Language of Flowers, came out to high acclaim in 2011 followed by We Never Asked for Wings in 2015. The main character in the former was a foster child who took refuge in flowers, and used their assigned meanings as a form of expression. One of the...

Chandeliers!! Oh My!

Each of the three arches in the Carnegie portion of the PG Library was once accompanied by a large chandelier.  Nobody knows what happened to them.  But, with the support of the Friends and the careful work of Ken Hinshaw, they are about to be replaced, beginning that part of the Library renewal project that will bring the old portion of the Library back to its early 20th century splendor. 

Duane Matterson, Constance Pearlstein, Lester Gorn, and Marcella Stull

This April was, indeed, a cruel month, as the Friends lost four long-time members and the Library lost four staunch supporters in April.  

Duane Matterson died on April 20.  If you ever attended one of the Meet the Author events, you likely saw Duane.  He was a regular attendee, usually seated towards the very front.  What you might not have known is that for years he and his wife, Betty, assembled the Friends newsletter for mailing.  

Connie Pearlstein died on April 11.  Connie, with her signature hat, was less an obvious presence in the Friends, but we, and the Library,...

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