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News from PG Friends

PG Library nets record crowd for The Stuff Cure


On February 27 at the Pacific Grove Library, Betty & Mike Sproule talked about their book, The Stuff Cure: How We Lost 8,000 Pounds of Stuff for Fun, Profit, Virtue, and a Better World. Judging from number of attendees – about 150 –getting rid of stuff is not easy.

But the Sproules argue that it is not impossible either. It took them three years to pare down, and they did it with a plan. They offer three criteria to help decide what should be saved and what should not.  If the item isn’t in current use, doesn’t have exceptional sentimental value, and didn’t...

An Afternoon Tea with Anne Perry, by Laura Courtney Headley


It’s a daunting thing to meet our heroes. We library fans tend to be book lovers. We tend to feel a deep connection to our favorite books. For mystery fans, especially fans of mystery series novels, there’s a connection to the characters that spans the years; we know these people. And while we feel we have a right to develop certain expectations of our favorite characters, we have no such right to expectations about the authors. The artist, after all, is presenting his or her art, not his or her self.

So, as a long time Anne Perry fan, one of four very lucky...

A Throng Meets Anne Perry
picture of crowd


A sell-out crowd of 200 enthusiastic readers and writers greeted Anne Perry, acclaimed mystery writer, on January 19 at Chautauqua Hall.  In honor of the Victorian setting for two of Perry’s series, some in the crowd were dressed in period costume.  In acknowledgement of her wide appeal, some came from as far away as Turlock.

Perry described her characters with compassion and spoke of her commitment to making them real, from the rhythm of their speech to their physical presence.  She expressed particular fondness for the four siblings who populate her World War I series (...



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