Library Renewal Project

Library Renewal Project

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Established in 1908 with a grant from Andrew Carnegie and community donations, the Pacific Grove Public Library has served generations of Pacific Grove residents and Peninsula citizens. More than a century later, our proud Carnegie Library is showing its age, in need of Renewal...and your help!

The Friends of the Library have joined with the Library Foundation, City Council, Library Board, and community volunteers to raise the funds needed to renew the library building, preserving the past, enhancing the present, and preparing for the future. For more information about the Library Renewal Project, visit the Library site.

In 2007, a proposal to expand the Pacific Grove Public Library resulted in private donations from local residents of over $550,000. Although that project was not pursued by the City, donors to the campaign created a “Stewardship Fund” for future capital improvements. Combined with other donations to the library, a total of $736,000 was available to help fund Renewal Project.

In 2017, members of the library’s three support organizations—the Library Board, the Friends of the Pacific Grove Library and the Library Foundation—along with the Library Director and community volunteers joined together to oversee a capital campaign to raise the remaining needed funds. The campaign has received approval from the City Council to direct $400,000 over two years from the city’s general fund, as well as major pledges from both the Friends of the Library and the Library Foundation. 

“Now is your chance to leave a lasting legacy for the community. Won’t you join us?”
Judy Archbald, former Friends and Library Foundation President